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Are you happy in life?

No matter how hard we try, nothing brings happiness to ourselves and our loved ones if we are unable to experience love for ourselves and our own lives.

At Thera we provide our guests with an optimum relaxing and luxurious experience to overcome whatever it is which blocks our ability to love ourselves, our families and find gratitude in our lives.

Thera is a beautiful and exclusive holistic care retreat centre near Ubud, Bali, set among lovely rice fields. It caters to guests who want to make positive changes in their lives.


Our Sanctuary

The location of our centre is especially favourable for people taking steps towards meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.

Bali offers a unique healing environment that is conducive to therapy and provides opportunities to incorporate esteemed local cultural experiences, arts, natural tropical beauty and year-round good weather.



The only facility in the world to offer our trademarked Zero Protocol™ clinical approach to residential treatment for addiction.

Ongoing Care and

Secondary care packages offer specialised support for guests who have completed primary care in Thera or other facilities.

Traditional Bali provides an ideal environment for those wishing to enhance their own recover path

Executive Burnout

Clinically designed recalibration packages to pause, restore and inspire – personalised programs for demanding executives who yearn for the serenity of work/life balance

Primary Care Retreats

Primary retreats for recovery from compulsive coping conditions – both substances and processes.

Who will benefit this program?

High profile, wealthy and successful people are not immune to anxiety, depression and other mental health struggles. It is, however, more difficult for them to address such challenges.

The unique position and social scrutiny they experience often deter them from seeking help in fear that it might tarnish their professional reputation or social standing.​


What They Say About Thera

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